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Client Testimonials

1-1 Coaching clients

Elizabeth Azeizat

Life Coach

Serge Huerta

Healthcare Analyst & Artist

Chelsey Newmyer

Time Management Coach

Laura Machny

Tantra Teacher & Coach

Shanfan H

Caroline and I started our coaching relationship at a time when I was pursuing multiple opportunities. I had a grand vision about all that could happen in my life, and I signed up for many different things. I was spread thin.

Every other week, I'd bring random topics to talk with her about new projects, new interests, new resolutions... And I often had difficulties following through. Caroline has been fully present with my fluctuations, and she held the space for me to explore my interests, without rushing, without judgment. Thanks to her, I eventually came to my own conclusion about my priorities. I have found my focus in the short and long term, and I know my path.

Moving forward I'm looking forward to having Caroline as my trusted accountability partner, as I work toward reaching my goals. I know that she will not force anything upon me, I know that she will fully trust my own judgment, and I know that she will challenge me only when it's the right time..

To anyone who is considering working with Caroline, I would say she is very down-to-earth as a coach. She skillfully switches between her analytical mind and her intuition, all to encourage the most powerful insight to emerge for her client.

Group Coaching Client

Shane Nebbia

Marketing Communications Professional

Krista Carter

Writer & Editor

"If you're looking for guidance, whether it be personal or professional, it would be worthwhile to work with Caroline. She's somewhat of a people whisperer with her uncanny ability to get you to open up and arrive at answers. I equate her coaching sessions to a journey to self-fulfillment, which is something that we could all benefit from.

Magda Nogas

Mom & Digital Creator

I liked the idea of meeting women from all walks of life and being vulnerable with them. That dynamic brought some deep things out of all of us I believe. Getting things out of our system that maybe we didn't know how to get out. This group helped us do that.

Jackie Fedor

Client Services Professional & Yoga Instructor

My biggest shift was that it got me out of my comfort zone to meet new people and get different perspectives on my situation that I shared with the group. I'm most proud of letting myself be vulnerable in a safe place that helped me feel like I belonged.