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My Story

Hi, I’m Caroline Kowalczyk! Personal coach and founder of Partner in Purpose. An unwavering supporter in helping you live life in alignment with your core values.

As a consistent daydreamer, today I’m living in a way that excites me more than ever before. I left my safe and successful jobs behind and created a business that incorporated a previously unexplored talent, one I was not getting a raise for. It started with an obsession in understanding why people do what they do. Curiosity about what made others feel alive and finding methods to maximize their superpowers became an inspiring distraction. The compelling part about my natural curiosity was that it empowered people to open up, and helped me recognize that I was creating space for others in a significant way, and it needed to go deeper.

After experience in the international non-profit sector, I pursued a career working in sales on Wall Street, where I learned firsthand the direct correlation and significance between the stories we tell ourselves and work performance. This made me want to work with people on dismantling whatever was holding them back from greatness. After living in different regions throughout Asia, Europe and South America; studying literature, experiencing workshops, and having conversations with coaches, mentors, and healers around the world, I dedicated myself to embodying my truth and a profession that encourages discovery and growth.