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Reframe Your Story

Coaching that helps you focus and become the best version of yourself.


1:1 Coaching

Partner in Purpose works with people who are ready to master their inner selves and enrich their outer realities.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to grow and improve any or every aspect of their life.

How does it work?

Packages begin at 12 sessions and are held via phone, online or in-person for 1 hour, including unlimited email support.

What’s the outcome?

Gaining focus, skills and strategies for living your highest potential.

Equivalent to a partner in crime, Partner in Purpose helps you get what you want out of life but without the shortcuts.

I support you in living life on your terms, unraveling belief systems that do not serve you, while creating the reality you always wanted for yourself. Helping you discover your personal truth by uniting in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to expand your potential.

Together we hold space for an open, safe environment to cultivate self-awareness, exploration and development. This allows for the ability to reframe your story so that it serves you in the best way possible moving forward. Using effective tools, I reflect back, with clarity and no judgement the inner dynamics of your capability.

The journey may be daring but there will always be an outcome towards the life you want to live, with guided support every step of the way.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Who is it for?

Companies and organizations

How does it work?

Contact me to explore options based on your needs and wants.

What’s the outcome?

Enhances teamwork, individual work performance, and leadership development.

I conduct workshops and discuss the benefit of reframing your story to better serve you. This supports enhanced teamwork, work performance, leadership development, along with life transitions, relationships, financial success and more. Occasionally, I partner with other coaches and different occupational professionals to provide authentic collaboration and different expertise for tailored programs that best suit your community or organization. If you’re interested in having me facilitate a workshop or speak at your next event, contact me to explore options.


Elizabeth Azeizat

Life Coach

Serge Huerta

Healthcare Analyst & Artist

Chelsey Newmyer

Time Management Coach

Laura Machny

Tantra Teacher & Coach

Josefina L, Buenos Aires, Argentina

After 35 years I decided to start a new journey of self care, with a strong focus on my mind and how it works, especially after recently being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I was already doing therapy and thought adding coaching to my life could compliment the work I’ve already put in. I was not expecting the impact it had on my life. I’m a very active person and I needed to focus on my goals and not get distracted and overwhelmed. Caroline helped me prioritize my goals in a that way has generated the most positive changes. She’s empowered me with trust, determination and action. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in reaching out to work with Caroline.

Eric P, Santiago, Chile

I worked with Caroline directly on a number of personal and business transitions that I was facing, she helped me to clarify the right path and steps to take to achieve goals. When I think of Caroline's coaching I think of careful attention and trust.

Shanfan H

Caroline and I started our coaching relationship at a time when I was pursuing multiple opportunities. I had a grand vision about all that could happen in my life, and I signed up for many different things. I was spread thin.

Every other week, I'd bring random topics to talk with her about new projects, new interests, new resolutions... And I often had difficulties following through. Caroline has been fully present with my fluctuations, and she held the space for me to explore my interests, without rushing, without judgment. Thanks to her, I eventually came to my own conclusion about my priorities. I have found my focus in the short and long term, and I know my path.

Moving forward I'm looking forward to having Caroline as my trusted accountability partner, as I work toward reaching my goals. I know that she will not force anything upon me, I know that she will fully trust my own judgment, and I know that she will challenge me only when it's the right time..

To anyone who is considering working with Caroline, I would say she is very down-to-earth as a coach. She skillfully switches between her analytical mind and her intuition, all to encourage the most powerful insight to emerge for her client.

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